Five (Emotional) Stages of Acne

2021-07-22 By Foram Bhojak3min Read


Stages of acne - Denial


First breakout, and you tell yourself that this is a one-off. You start telling yourself that I cannot be one of those acne-riddled teenagers. You start forcing reasons such as eating junk food two days ago or traveling in an auto-rickshaw to rationalize why you got acne. You hope that they would go away on their own. Head in the sand mode activated!!


Stages of acne - Anger


After denial wears off, you realize that they are not going away, and you start consulting friends, dermatologists, and beauticians and try many different home remedies such as the ever-popular turmeric paste!!. But new acne keeps popping up, and to make things worse, the old ones start leaving scars and enlarged pores the size of lunar craters. Silence gives way to anger and frustration.



Stages of acne - Depression


You wonder whether anyone really has a lasting solution for acne, or are all these anti-acne products are just marketing gimmicks? Anger gives way to depression and helpless -ness. You start losing hope and feel like giving up on everything.



Stages of acne - Bargaining


As you struggle to find a solution and somewhere deep inside, start believing that these little red bumps are going to stay with you forever, and you begin to rationalize them. You relate with other sufferers that you pass by on the street.




Stages of acne - AcceptanceAcceptance

A friend tells you about Aminu’s Clarifying Concentrate and Overnight Peel. You visit their website, talk to the skin experts, and find the courage to try a product again and give life another chance. Voila, you start seeing results within a couple of weeks. The frequency of breakouts reduces, pores begin to fill, and scars begin to fade. Suddenly, the sunshine starts to feel warmer, birds chirping sounds more beautiful, and you start dreaming about that perfect sun-kissed holiday in Paris.




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