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The Love


It is all about striking the right balance for healthy living

Because no one else is responsible for your happiness!   Read More

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10 Skincare mistakes I am guilty of making

...and I hope you never do the same. Read More

The Love


How I overcame my phobia of facial oils

It took 10 years and an Instagram trend to conquer it. Read More

The Love


Acne Sufferers & Acne Healers

Ever wondered how someone with acne goes about her/his day Read More

The Love


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

This journal entry aims at improving your understanding of the disorder and how to prevent/ control it. Read More

The Love


Benefits of Beauty Sleep

We all know good sleep hygiene is necessary. But why is it essential for healthy, younger-looking skin? Read More

The Love


Five (Emotional) Stages of Acne

Here is an acne prone skin's version of the five stages of grief. Read More

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