We are a holistic, self-care company.
We are a celebration & connection company.
We believe in the power of nature (plants, earth, water) and the advancements of science.

the heart of aminu care

We accomplish all this through Aminu Life. By bottling our high performance products made by combining the ancient knowledge of healing from all parts of the world with bioactive ingredients, modern scientific advancements in beauty technology, to deliver a new level of experience and luxury of raw, pure, precious natural ingredients refined to their highest potential.

AMINU products for skin care, offer multi-tasking, high-performance, nature based healing treatments that target inflammations, environmental damage, uneven tones, spots, premature aging concerns and offer nutrient-dense support for the long-term improvement of all types of skin. Here, all is beauty and harmony. That's what's under our skin.

High Performance Skincare
Skinnow solutions

We believe, nature and science are at their best when they work together.

The elements that power up our daily routines.

Our Ingredients


"SkinNOW" Solutions

Our skin’s needs change depending on the day, the time of year, and where we are in the world. Our treatment products are based on the physiology of skin, its mood (skin type) and concerns which are constantly changing for every individual and its lifestyle which we call "SkinNOW". Our goal is to achieve skin health beyond natural, transparent and certainly beyond harsh chemical-laden beauty products. Every ingredient that we include in our products is there for a specific healing reason. We are committed to only using ingredients that either directly benefit the skin’s health, or support the integrity and effectiveness of our formulations.

We formulate highly effective, multitasking, holistic and clean skincare that work and is bio-compatible (the relationship between skin and active formulations). Our products contain our proprietary Phyto-nutrient herb infused oil (made of macerated herbs, roots, flowers, vitamins, seed oils), biotechnologically derived molecules, marine & bio-identical ingredients, essential vitamins, energising minerals & oils, advanced technologies, innovative brightening or blemish clearing ingredients to deliver safe & effective results. We scout the world to source the high quality ingredients, precious plant extracts, researched pure molecules, muds & clays, magical oils and potent vitamins & minerals. Ensuring that each formula improves the way your skin looks and feels inside out!

We focus on healthy pH levels, formulations the skin recognizes, small molecular structure that’s easily absorbed, right manufacturing techniques and effective ingredients that support and maintain the skin’s health & barrier.

fundamentally Safer

01 - Our products are formulated with the highest-quality botanical, earth & marine ingredients, combined with innovative scientific alternatives and technologies. Each of our ingredients and products are rigorously evaluated for safety and efficacy. We constantly study the latest science and innovate to utilize ingredients that meet Aminu’s exceedingly high quality standards.

02 - We believe that not all natural ingredients are good and not all synthetic ingredients are bad. We believe in the power of nature + advancements of science. We believe the best and safest formulas are made by tapping into both worlds. Our ingredients are sourced responsibly, supporting local and global communities.

03 - We do not hide ingredients and our Ingredient Glossary lists every single ingredient utilized in our formulas, as well as their purpose.

04 - While human safety is our first priority, the safety of the planet is very close. We consider how ingredients are sourced and their impact as they enter our skin, soil and water streams.

05 - Our packaging is sustainable and recyclable, wherever possible. Glass makes up the majority of our primary packaging. Our glass is frosted to protect the integrity of our formulas. We are trying to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible. When we use plastic, we try to make sure it is easily recyclable.

06- We believe that animals should be respected. We would never test on animals or use any animal derived ingredients.

We are just getting started.
With lots of Love, Thoughtfulness & Care!